patty, 14; i love oreos and sweaters.

finn is my lover #pinn

also connor ily bae

be who u wanna be: barbie girl


my followers, please ignore this. :)

Hello :) My name is Patty and I’m asian and pshh I’m pretty cool.

I’m about as cool as the sun, okay.

You guys should pick me because…

-I want friends and will be your best friend and do anything for you

-I have no friends; therefore, I have no life; therefore, I am always on tumblr; therefore, I’m an active blog :)

-If you don’t, this shark will eat you and your loved one, so you better pick me. Just kidding, pick whoever you want but still

he’s watching you (ignore my face please :))

but yeah. :) byee and thank you

  1. undrlou said: I like your shark! xo
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