patty, 14; i love oreos and sweaters.

finn is my lover #pinn

also connor ily bae

be who u wanna be: barbie girl


my followers, please ignore this. :)

1D friendship network :)

Top 3 people I want to be:

Liam, Eleanor, or Danielle. :)

You should pick me because…

-i have no friends and you can be my friend and we can be happy yay :)

-this will be my first network. im new.

-niall will give you a hug

-i will show you Niall’s abs

-Niall loves me and would love you even more if you let me join ;)

-if you do, this bear will love you forever

-if you don’t this shark will come and eat you or Niall

-my one direction poster fell down and i’m too lazy to put it back up

wait that’s not even a reason.

bye from Niall and me, Patty. :)

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